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I am a web developer with a professional interest in underwater and event photography. Each underwater image is taken on one breath. I take pride in bringing your unique website and photographic ideas come to life. If you like what you see, drop me an email

Photograph of teabag, one sugar cube and milk underwater
Giant Spiny Starfish Scotland
Grey Seal at Farne Islands, North Sea
Photograph of herbal teabag photographed underwater
Moon Jellyfish Atlantic Minch Highlands of Scotland
over under tree growing on a rock face cliff, roots underwater
Underwater Bubbles at Chepstow Freediving
Pastel Northern Lights Over the Sea Highlands of Scotland
Northern Lights and Full Moon in the Highlands of Scotland
School of fish off Tenerifes South West Coast the Atlantic Ocean
Rachel Female Wedding Dress Underwater Sinking
Sunset Highlands, West Coast of Scotland at Isle of Lewis